Review: Static Trapeze

As my Friend Hollie and I explore the London fitness class scene, we are becoming more adventurous.  We started off with Barry’s Bootcamp, then we moved on to Rebounding at Frame, and next we decided on something totally different, Static Trapeze 🤸.  Most people who I told thought it sounded like a cool idea, but that we were totally bonkers🤪.  We may be bonkers, but it sounded great, here is what they say: Static trapeze is a fun blend of sport and art, where regular training will improve your strength, flexibility, and agility as you learn to manoeuvre and create beautiful shapes in the air.

Circus Glory

We found Circus Glory, and decided it looked like the right kind of thing and the introductory price of £14.99 was reasonable (normal price £21 per class).  Hollie emailed and then booked the class, paying Genevieve (the lady who runs it by bank transfer for both of us).  We felt a little strange about paying like this (in this day and age you expect online payment gateways and anonymous transactions) but we thought she looked legit, so reasoned we were probably okay.  Well okay, until I realised that I accidentally agreed to do the class on my first born’s birthday (😖 omg, what an idiot).  So we had this predicament about switching the dates and changing our booking.  Luckily we were able to agree on the following Monday lunch class, and Genevieve switched us no problem after a few emails back and forth.

Finding it

Ready for the class to start

The class was located at the Primrose Hill Community Centre, which was pretty easy to get to.  We wandered into the community centre, and almost immediately bumped into Genevieve.  We were nervous and maybe she was too, so our first interaction was a little stilted, and in fact we were totally in awe of her, slightly intimidated, and a little scared.  With her gamine cut fringe, glamorous french accent, and long lithe limbs – how could we not be.  We bundled into the loo, and then ventured upstairs.  Took off our shoes and dropped our coats and bags in the mezzanine level, and then continued up to the studio.

The studio

So on the top floor of the community centre, the room was almost barn-like in feel, with vaulted ceilings, lots of wood, windows all around offering great light, and two trapezes hanging down.  We congregated around the edges and waited for the others to arrive so that the warm-up could start.

The warm up

Hollie and I shared a mat to do the warm-up, and we were through a series of activation stretches and exercises, shoulder rolls, planks, back stretches.  It was a little quite, no one was really talking, but Genevieve led us through each exercise professionally.

Who’s who

I noticed that a few of the girls were elegantly pointing their toes (ballet/dancer style) during the warm-up, so I did wonder how experienced the other people in the class were, and if anyone else was a beginner like us. But I didn’t need to wonder much longer, there were 4 level ‘ones’ (beginner or there abouts), and maybe 2 girls at a middle level, and 2 girls who were very experienced.  There was one guy in the class, and everyone was a mix of ages, sizes and nationalities.  We felt very welcome.

Getting started

We each took turns on the trapeze, and for each move Genevieve demonstrated it, and then we were called up to give it a go.  For the first thing, a basic upside down hang, I was up first, and I struggled to get myself inverted, and I felt like everyone was watching me from the sidelines.  It was getting a bit stressful 😬, and then eventually I got it.  Everyone clapped.  I would have thought some learned muscle memory from hanging around on the monkey bars as a kid would have stuck in my little pea brain, but it looked like I was going to have to re-learn.

More advanced moves

The class continued in this way, Genevieve demonstrated something (which 99% of the time I thought looked bloody impossible) and when it was my go, she just had the right words or instructions and I was miraculously able to do it.  Each person was given an adaptation of the move, based on their ability level, and some of the more experienced girls were practicing on the very high trapeze in the middle of the room (we were on the middle height one).  The class worked really well with the taking turns, as each time you completed your move and arial shape, you came off (and felt so amazing) that you were eager to watch a classmate do and experience the same thing.

Here are some pictures of us doing it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • Value for money? Yes, a good price and a good workout
  • What was the atmosphere like? Lovely, the class and the teacher were just lovely
  • Would I go again? Yes, but it was great fun, I’d love to try a Friday night class
  • Would I go regularly? Probably not, as it was quite a distance for me, but as a treat I would

Find out more about Circus Glory and the lovely Genevieve!

What’s next?  We’re getting hot and sweaty with Blaze (Hollie) and Frame Cardio (me) for a little compare and contrast between two cardio based fitness class designed to torch calories and get your heart-rate up.

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