Review: Rebounding

Next on our London fitness adventure, Holly and I wanted to try something fun.  Barry’s Bootcamp (see review here) was very serious (trendy, yes) but serious.  We wanted to have some fun 🤸.  We came across rebounding at Frame, and thought, what can be more fun than bouncing on a trampoline to music.  They say: 20 minutes of rebounding is the equivalent of an HOUR of running, engages your core strength, working all major muscle groups. Plus they say, the jumping motion creates a pump like-effect which gets the lymphatic drainage going, helping to rid the butt and thighs of cellulite.  Yass!

Where art thou

Frame have studios all over London, and we ended up choosing a studio right by my office in Hammersmith, in the back of Kings Mall.  I know where it is as I walk past it (and peer in with interest) at least 2-3 times per week.  It always looked interesting, with their artfully placed water bottles and workout gear in the front window, but I never ventured in.  Now I get to pass the reception desk and find out what Frame is really like.

Reasonably priced

Compared to the cost of Barry’s Bootcamp, at £11 this class was very reasonable.  It was only 45 minutes long, but from a budgetary standpoint this activity was a-ok.  So much so, we thought we’d also squeeze in a dinner afterwards.

Booking in

As we are discovering with most of these classes, when you book in, you have it do it yourself, so that you can tick all the boxes, in essence, digitally signing the waiver to say that you are fit and healthy and able to do the class.  It was pretty straightforward, and we choose the time, and each booked ourselves in.


Hollie came to my office first, and then we popped down to the Kings Mall.  We were a little early, but we wanted to get the whole experience.  We checked in at the registration desk, and received instructions about the changing rooms, lockers and where our studio was.

Down the stairs we trundled, and down, and down ⏬, and I had no idea that all this was even here, like a Tardis from this little shop front.  So feeling very underground, surrounded by polished concrete and steel, we came at the very small foyer area. To the left we had lockers, and to the right it was the changing rooms and loos, and straight ahead a bunch of closed doors with numbers on them.  It was quite cramped and with people already waiting outside of the doors for their classes to start.

We used the loos, and edged over to the lockers, which thankfully, were quite easy to set (in comparison to Barry’s).  We kept our phones with us, and stood with the others waiting.

Almost time

The class before us started to pour out of our designated studio (making the foyer area very crowed), and our rebounding instructor came out and started telling us what weights to grab.  We traversed the exiting traffic and scrambled to grab our weights.  As usual, Hollie goaded me into picking up heavier weights than I would choose for myself.  I like a challenge (even though I should know by now my arms can’t keep up with her guns 💪) but I obeyed and took the bigger weights.

The room

So inside the room, it was a normal, generic fitness studio.  Mirrors everywhere and yellow laminate underfoot.The trampets were stacked in the back of the room and we were told to grab one each.  We then tried for a middle of the floor position (not knowing where the front of the room was), but the instructor convinced us to go right in the front 🤷.

The class

Front of the room newbies

Before the class started the instructor showed us how to attach the weights (they were the kind you wrap around your ankle or wrist, and instead we wrapped them around the palm of our hands).  He also gave a speedy run through of what we were going to do in the class, some of the basic moves, and how not to injury ourselves and stay on the trampets.  Then the music came on, and we were off.

I was found it a little hard to hear the instructor over the music even though he had a microphone.  Sometimes I think that microphones can distort the voice. But he was bouncing along with us, so we just coped him.  Bouncing side to side, onto one foot, and raising knees to the music, the first song was fun, and easy to follow.

After the first song, I had a mild panic, as a mum of two, my pelvic floor is not what I once was 💦.  On the down-low, I added some impromptu on-the-bounce-kegels to my workout (shhhhh).  I was also panicking slightly, as I had chosen to wear grey leggings.  So if there was any pelvic floor failure, I’d be in a state of embarrassment.  Being front of the room, I was able to see myself in the mirror, full length, so I kept tabs on the situation, and everything was fine.

The class continued on, and we incorporated weights, and bouncing, and music.  If you know me, you’ll know that this is where I came unstuck.  The weights were mostly okay, not shoulder over head presses, but I was handling the heavier weights Hollie made me choose.  It was all the elements that I was struggling to coordinate. And being in the front of the room there was no where to hide.  And at times I did want to hide 🙈.

Yes, we were having fun, and giggling along, but something so simple, right arm, left knee, bounce, shimmy, I just couldn’t pull some of the moves together.  At one point during a particularly confusing part (mind you this is literally just me, everyone else has got this down) I also got it.  The instructor said, “yes, you got it” into his mic.  I was so happy, my concentration lapsed and I lost it as soon as I got it.

Sweet and not sweet endings

Towards the end we were led through an abs session, and then we did a nice cool down.  We were feeling all nice an relaxed, and accomplished.  And then the music was cut, and we were being rushed out, a little harshly.  We were scrambling around to get our selfie, and the instructor took the picture for us, all with a slight grumble about how we had to hurry.  It was a shame, as we had a really fun time, and the rush at the end put a dampener on it.

We got our stuff from the lockers and battled through the incoming people, to get up the stairs and we were done.


  • Value for money? Yes, a good price and a good workout
  • What was the atmosphere like? Rushed a little cramped, but mostly friendly
  • Would I go again? Yes, but I would try a different class, they have lots to choose from
  • Would I go regularly? Maybe, this Frame was so close to my office

Find out more about Frame.  Have you been to a rebounding class or to Frame before, please share your experience!

What’s next?  We’re getting ready to join the circus with a static trapeze class!

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