Running in new places

Whether I am on a work trip or on holiday, I pack my running shoes, sports bra and a few running clothes, just in case I can squeeze in a run🤞.  We go camping each year to the Isle of Wight and for the last 2 years, I have taken up precious ‘car space’ and squeezed in some running gear, in hopes of fitting in a few runs.

An unfriendly bull 😬

I’ve just returned from our latest camping holiday and in this past week, in amidst late nights, sneaky ciggies, lots of food, demanding kids and buckets of wine, I managed to shoehorn 2 runs in🏃‍♀️. A quick 3 kilometre jolly to get the lay of the land (aka cliff edge route and determine it wasn’t too scary) and a longer 6 kilometre plod past some slightly intimidating farm animals.

It was lovely, the new views, sights, terrain all just made me feel even more alive and zingy. I can’t lie, I had hoped to run a bit more – but camping is tiring work, and with the slightly colder (and damper weather) I started to feel a little run down, and decided to leave the running shoes in the boot (after the second run) and just focus on being well. I could always run more when I got home – and I reasoned it was better to get some feeling good, rather than run down and poorly.

So, you’ve packed some running kit, here are 5 tips to get you running while away from home:

  1. Check if you have a hotel or local gym

You might be a diehard outdoor runner, but I know that sometimes when I travel for work, I don’t feel confident pounding the pavements in a new city (I’m a little bit afraid I’ll run into the wrong neighbourhood).  So, a hotel gym (or local gym) is perfect, a few intervals on the treadmill, gym equipment 🏋️‍♀️ and a good workout can easily be had.

  1. Be a ParkRun Tourist

Check to see if you have a ParkRun near you, and if you do – yay, go join in and be a part of the ParkRun Tourism craze!  If not there may be something similar.  Recently on a work rip to Bulgaria they have something similar to ParkRun in one of their biggest parks.  See where in the world there are ParkRuns here and for UK ParkRuns try here.

  1. Book a race

If you have already booked your holiday ✈ (or work trip), have a quick check online to see if there are any races that you could do while there.  Or do it the other way around, choose a race in an amazing location and book a holiday around it.  This is  great website to find running races around the world.

  1. Take the pressure off

New routes, terrain, schedules mean that your Sunday long run routine might not happen, and that’s okay.  Relinquish the pressure on yourself to clock up mileage, certain paces, and sessions – and just run, as much as you can and want to.  A short plod while slightly hung over can be a great mind clearer, but a gruelling interval session might make you feel even worse 💁‍♀️.

  1. Capture that run
What a view 😍

While running away from home, you’ll probably see things that you wouldn’t have seen whilst going about normal (non-running) activities. Photograph that stunning sunrise, mountain range, city scape, cheeky cow, and share with the rest of your group – you might even find a new place to visit with everyone.

Do you run while on holiday or on a work trip?  Does the thought of being away from your running routine fill you with dread or excitement? Do you like the idea of combining travelling and running?



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