I didn’t enjoy that.

The movie was on, the house was toasty
I laced up my trainers, and got ready, mostly

I hesitated gingerly, by the front door
As I watched it rain, more and more

I tried to believe, no one has a bad run
I jumped over puddles, this was fun

Then I landed right, in the middle of one
And thought every curse word, under the sun

My trusty waterproof, was now failing
So many puddles, I might as well have been sailing

I saw another runner, a mother maybe
We smiled at each other, thinking we’re crazy

I took out my phone, to document this misery
A moment of distraction, the mud was so slippery

I quickly recovered, from the near fall
Only to run into, the deepest puddle of them all

Submerged up to mid-calf, I was ready to call it a day
Still 3km from home, it was time to make hay

I walked in the door, very cold, very wet
My little family, exactly where they were left

The warm shower beckoned, I was done
I’m here to tell you, not every run is fun.

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