Stroller Miles

My neighbours Bernard and Jennie have an awesome running buggy, and I can’t lie, I was dead jealous.  I had been scouring Ebay listings and nothing was working.

In fact, probably on one of the first searches on Ebay, I ever did for a running buggy, there was a single-seat Out and About Running Buggy – ending soon, very few bids and very local. With hindsight, it was perfect – did I bid on it?  Naw, it was like my first or second search – there must be loads for sale – don’t be a keeno Caroline.

Of course, it was some sort of Ebay fluke and everything else I ever searched for was expensive, far away, a double seater or in terrible condition. I was looking for months, resistant to plump up the money and buy a new one.

And then finally the Gods looked down on me, and in an off-hand comment to my friend (and fellow school-run mum) Raissa, she said – wait, you are looking for a running buggy – please have mine.  Have yours?  Say what…

Apparently, it had been taking up too much space in her Mum’s garage, and it was becoming a bone of contention between mother and daughter.  And this is how I came to have my Running Buggy, a Baby Trend.   And while it is not the fanciest – it is just amazing – and I love it so much and could not be more grateful for her generosity.

Are you thinking about getting a Running Buggy? Here are 5 thoughts about stroller miles which you might empathise with 🙂

  1. Your child might not like it
1st time in the runner – he’s smiling here, it didn’t last.

That first Summer – Eben was not keen.  I persevered with snacks, toys, and bribes of ice cream, but many a Park Run I’d be on the side of the path consoling a distraught 1 year old.

I felt the eyes of the other runners baring down on me – why would she do this to her child when he obviously hates it so… oh the guilt.

Eventually, Eben came around, or maybe he realised that resistance was futile.  I often have to sing songs to him while running to keep him sweet, and it’s by no means an easy feat, have you ever tried to sing and run – its tough.

  1. Your form will suffer

Eben is not small, and has consistently been 91st percentile for height and 98th percentile for weight.  I just done the maths – and am a little shocked – 28lbs for the buggy and another 28lbs for Eben, I’m pushing more close to 60lbs around with me when I run with the buggy.

So, with that 60lbs it’s no surprise that my form suffers and I’m running in an awkward stance. My already rounded shoulders and suffering upper back, are made worse.

IMG_6883 2
The one handed buggy push, keeping one arm free to swing.

Although, my form might be terrible, I have noticed that the elusive negative split (where the first half of your run is slower and the second half of your run is quicker) is much easier to achieve when buggy running.  And it’s probably because I can’t shoot out the door like a bat out of hell, and it takes me a while to build any speed with the buggy.

Top tip: try to alternative hands that you push the buggy with, so push with your left hand and swing your right arm, and then switch every 10 minutes or so.   At least this way you are evening out the hunch and not succumbing to it.

  1. Buggy free, you will fly

On those runs when I am buggy free, I’m bloody flying (or at least it feels that way), and it feels awesome.  Before I start ‘flying’ I try to reset my form.  I read Chi Running a little while ago, and while I can’t get my head around a lot of what Danny is saying, I love this idea and try to do it when possible.

For the first KM of my run, especially after a few days of buggy running, or if I haven’t had any time to warm up – I run loosey goosey, floppy, I shake it all out and I body sense each part of my body to make sure it is loose and working in the right way.  Roll my shoulders, shake out my arms, loosen my ankles.  I can’t really describe it, but I try to be jello.

Then after that first KM, I’m good to go – and hopefully fly.

  1. Bring toys but be prepared to stop

Eben now chooses 3-4 small toys to bring with such as a selection of hot wheels car, or cat boy figurine/action figures.  It definitely keeps him happy.

That time when almost caused a multi-runner pile up at Park Run:  I have a distinct memory of passing the half-way point around Bushy Park ParkRun and running on a straight bit and whoosh, the favourite car goes flying.  We stopped (akin to stopping the car dead on the middle lane of a 3-lane highway) as the other runners muttered under their breath as they went around us and I crept back to retrieve ‘said’ precious car.  Ahhh, such is life.  I’m never going to get a PB with the buggy, might as well keep the boy happy.

  1. Snacks and bribes keep everyone happy
IMG_7057 2
All about the reward – oh the joy!

Hey, If reward myself with a latte and a brownie after a run, why shouldn’t Eben have a Cornetto and the playground.  It’s no different really.

Do you love or hate stroller miles?  What kind of running buggy do you have? Please share your thoughts.






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