The sports bra from 1996 and 4 more home truths

Confession time – I have a sports bra from 1996, and I still use it.  It is a gorgeous (I use this term loosely, and it is loose too, so excuse the pun) black Champion sports bra, that I used when I played high-school basketball (Go Mad Hatters).  It was a time before high tech fabrics – its made of good ‘ole cotton, and I know that it doesn’t give me too much support, so I always double bag it.

Def. Double Bagging: Wearing two sports bras at once to minimise bounce, possibly because your good no-bounce bra is a bit ugly, and your pretty sports bra is a bounce-a-thon. This is a good example of when you need to double bag it.  Or in my case, your sports bra is more than 20 years old…

So that is my first confession, I use a 20+ year old sports bra (older than some of the people in my office) and here are 4 more running confessions that I don’t really share because they are a bit embarrassing – but hey ho, it’s the reality.

2. A little blowy

In at number 2, I blow my nose on my sleeve (or head band, top, buff, gloves – really whatever I have to hand that might be remotely absorbent).  Gross you say, well yes, it is but hear me out, if I don’t have a tissue (or I have used my tissue beyond all recognition), how else am I going to deal with all the snot of a runny nose plus cold weather.  I did once try to hold out and not sully my sleeve and I rounded a corner and a huge sloppy nose booger, just came flying out, thankfully no one else was around.

3. Spitty issues

I have been given a detailed coaching session from my husband on confession number 3, but the plain fact is, I simply cannot spit effectively.  Now, I don’t condone spitting, generally, I think it is gross.  My first visit to Shanghai was a horror in that regard (there is a lot of street spitting).  Boys spit.  Maybe some quite talented girls spit.  I do not spit.  But when you are running – maybe without a tissue, and have inhaled all your snot to the back of your throat (glamorous this running malarky, eh) – you just need to spit.  Generally, the summary is I can’t.  I end up dribbling spit strings, it is pretty horrific.

4. The ups and downs

Confession number 4 – I have work out wear that just doesn’t work – and its annoying, but for some reason I persevere.  Tops that ride up – running tights that fall down, to the point where some runs I am yanking up my tights to eye watering camel toe inducing heights, and yanking down my tops so far it looks like I’m wearing a skirt – all in an effort to keep covered.  I should just chuck the ones that don’t work – but if you have gathered anything from my first confession, I’m a bit of a clothes hoarder.

5. Sock it to ’em

I’ve never been too bothered about socks, I have some nice ones, some old ones, some holey some sporty ones – but what I rarely have is matching ones.  My husband bought me some lovely running sports socks – a pack of 5 socks, all different coloured pairs – and now it is quite rare to see me with two of the same colour.  Where do they all go?  How do they separate themselves from their partner?  What happens in that laundry bin?  For those more OCD than me – this is embarrassing, for me I’ve got bigger fish to fry – and as long as a toe isn’t poking out (to that painful point), I’m good to go – purple with green – no bother.

So what are your running confessions, the things a little bit too gross to share with the world – or am I the only one?


  1. Your sports bra story made me laugh out loud! I am pretty sure I have the same sports bra–like 4 of them, but in navy blue! My sister and I both have them! I think they were the first bra I ever owned, lol. Mine are SO loose now that there is no way I could wear them for working out–there is ZERO support. But, I do wear them at home when like people might be coming over so it’s not kosher to go braless, but I still want to be super comfy!

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