The Runfie

My husband mocks me when I take a selfie – how vain his sigh says to me – using absolutely no words.  And I know it to be true – it is vain and self absorbed to take a photo of yourself, and even more so – share said photo on instagram, secretly hoping for likes and positive comments.  But such is life – and if you are a runner, and have been following some running accounts, you might be inspired to take a Runfie (running selfie).

So how does one go about doing this?  Here are some of the Runfie’s you might have seen on social media.

An Arms Length

It’s hard to look happy, run, and keep those nostrils under control.

I’ve not been able to take a flatting selfie – while running – using just my arms.  Whatever angle I choose, face-on, side-on, arm stretched out back, nothing works.  Its blurry.  Its weird trying to run and keep your arm still.  Its awkward to run with your arm out.  It is definitely not discrete, everyone who sees you will know what you are doing.  Charlie from TheRunnerBeans has done a few great ones lately, she’s got a great slightly rear angle – and must have telescopic length arms, but they look great.  But very, very unsubtle.


A Leggy Display

Classic Legfie, before run shot.

I’ve used this one a few times.  I try not to overuse it, as I see a few other accounts which I love, going OTT with this Runfie (or should it be Legfie).  Overused, those little legs poking up from the bottom of your little instagram square start to look like strange sausages abandoned, mannequin-like appendages, disconnected from any human, let alone runner.  But it is a great, un-embarrassing quick photo to take – avoids any ugly red run face scary-ness.  At the end of your run (or start if you like) simply take a snap pointing down at your feet – and voila – done. If taken at the right angle can put you (or your legs) in quite a flattering light.

Bonus points: if you got muddy and your shoes have evidence of muddy puddle fun.

Re-run your Run

A bit blurry, but I managed to convince myself the blur was an artistic decision.

I have an app on my phone, that has a timer and takes photos at set intervals or sometimes I just start a video.  Find a quite street, path, area, whatever you like…  Figure out a way to set your phone up – use a tree, or leaves, or dig a hole – and prop it up. Then run back and forth.  Use your photos directly, or if you took a video – you can just click edit and then advance the video to a shot of yourself that you like – and screen grab and crop.

True story:  Over Christmas I wanted to take some shots of me running on the beach, so eager was I that I dug a hole in the sand, and videoed away – except, I hadn’t realised the wet sand had got all wedged up inside my phone headphone and charging holes.  Disaster!

Top Tip: If you go the video route – it’s also a great way to check your run form, see how bad your heel strike is, how your arms are positioned, and if your hips drop.

An Accomplice

The accomplice, will do anything for iPhone and cake 🙂

My 6 year old is my dedicated run photographer.  Any chance for him to get his grubby little hands on my iPhone he’s a happy boy.  He’s happy to snap away, and loves taking a video – and then running off madly when I go to collect the phone while the video is still recording.  Hilarious, obvs.  It’s alright, I’ll play along, running after him with my mock-cross voice — as long as we got a good shot (and he doesn’t drop my phone).

How do you take your Runfies?  Is it too embarrassing?  A sacrilege to the sport? Go on share…

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