Review: Psycle

Back on the trendy fitness bandwagon, this month Hollie and I tried out Psycle.  Now I’ve done spinning classes before, but this promised something a bit more.  I follow a few spin-queens on Instagram and I’ve also seen the movie (I Feel Pretty), and I was excited for the experience.

It didn’t disappoint.  I thought it would be trendy, moving, empowering, and a great work out and it was all of that and more.  For those of you rolling your eyes, I did know prior to attending that the instructors would pepper their encouraging shouts to ‘crank it up’, and ‘work harder’ with encouraging emotional statements about believing in yourself and your own ability to conquer the impossible 👊.

I Feel Pretty

In the movie, I Feel Pretty (which I watched on a long-haul work flight), Amy Schumer struggles to fit in, and is gripped by insecurity, and self-loathing, and she wants to be part of something bigger.  So, she goes to a trendy spinning studio, to be a part of the trendy-set.  She muddles through, but amidst all the positivity, she falls off her bike, and hits her head.  When she comes to, she is filled with confidence that she is the dogs-bollocks – gorgeous, clever, smart.  Anyways, I won’t keep explaining the movie, but basically this is was my pre-conceived notion of Psycle.  *Not that I would fall off my bike and feel pretty, mind, just the look, feel, and positivity from the instructors.

So back to the review of the actual class we did!


A great intro offer

It was super easy to book our classes online.  We chose a studio, Mortimer Street in central London, and booked some credits.  They had an intro offer, £22 for 2 credits and 1 buddy credit.  Both Hollie and I both decided to do the intro offer, meaning we essentially got 3 classes for £22, if we used our buddy credits to take each other. Bargain of the century!

We called each other up and booked our bikes on the ‘Ride 45’ class, and that was it.

Upon arrival

Bright, white, changing rooms
Bright, white, changing rooms

Everything was bright and white, and the staff were lovely and friendly.  Nothing about this was pretentious, as at classes we have done, like Barry’s, the staff and other class members have been a little up their own arse with how important and trendy they are.  That might be a little harsh, but it is my impression.

Psycle was like a breath of fresh air, and the lady who got us checked in was so funny when explaining the class.  Her colleague came over to listen through her bumble through the explanation that it would be hard, but it’s not hard, but of course it’s hard, cause you want to work out, but don’t worry 😂.   Before we left her, she reminded us of our bike numbers, so we knew where to go in the room.

Anyways, so we got our shoes, proper cycling cleats, and changed in the bright and airy changing rooms.  The lockers were easy-peasy, phew! I break out into a cold sweat at a difficult locker scenario.  Hollie needed a size up in the shoes, and we exchanged her shoes and then went downstairs to wait for our class to start.

Sitting on the bench outside the class, others started to join and wait.  We peeked in the window at the other classes that were going on, it sounded loud, and intense.  I was excited.

Getting set up

So, the class started filtering out, the cleaners went in, armed with bottles of Anti-Bac spray and cloths to clean off the bikes.  The previous class emerged sweaty and smiley.  One girl gleefully told the man collecting the shoes, she was going to keep hers, as she was doing the double.  Wow.

We entered the room, grabbed a sweat towel, and found our bikes at the back.  The lovely girl from the front desk (who gave us our introduction) came down and clipped our cleats in and adjusted the bikes for us, and showed us how to use all the levers and dials.

The main event

The lights, turned down low and the music started pumping.  The lights appeared to whiz around the room in time with the beat of the music.  I found it a little hard to hear the instructor, but you could pretty much figure out what was going by following everyone else.  He showed us the different handle bar positions, and off we went.

After the class, happy faces!

The room was quite airless, which meant within moments you were sweating 😅 (actually dripping 💦), which was fine, it was so dark in there, it didn’t matter.  The class flew by, song after song.  Speedy ones after hard ones, after standing up ones, and then an arms one, with the weights, which was killer.  Even Hollie with her arms of steel was struggling to hold up the weights 💪.

The motivational phrases kept coming throughout all of this, but it didn’t feel cheesy.  Sometimes people felt so moved, they whooped and hollered and swung their sweat towel around their heads.  I wasn’t quite at that stage, but part of me wanted to be there, feeling it as much as they did.

Winding down

Lovely shampoo and soap!

At the end of the class, we did a good stretch on the bikes together, which was nice, and then as it was the instructors last class, we all went up to street level to have a picture taken together with him.

We then shuffled into the changing rooms, and opted to take a shower 🚿.  Which was lovely!  The cubical were so big, and the shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel smelled divine 🌸.  We changed, dried our hair, and that was job done!

Would I do it again?  100% yes, I don’t really love spinning, but I loved this ❤️.

Would you like to try it?  Check out Psycle here.

What’s next?  We’re using up our Psycle credits and are trying out a Barr class.

Read about our all our other fitness adventures here.

Have you been to Psycle and did you love it as much as we did? Please share, I’d love to hear what you thought.

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