Review: Blaze

April flew by in a flash, and with the Brighton Marathon marathon, and recovery afterwards, I had to leave my friend Hollie to tackle a new fitness challenge on her own. So, being a member of David Lloyd, Hollie decided to try the new Blaze fitness class.  Here’s what they say about Blaze: a HIIT class that will test your strength, stamina, and willpower as you run, lift and fight. Plus, a Myzone heart-rate belt will track your performance so you’ll work your body at the right intensity.

Here’s Hollie’s review of Blaze:

A lot of hype

So the gym had really hyped this class up in preparation for the launch weekend and I felt really intimidated to try it. I entered the room for a first timers briefing, 15 mins before the start of the class. It was during this time I was shown how to use the equipment and informed about the various stations…cardio, strength and combat. The class revolves around these 3 elements, 3 mins on each, 3 sets.

It was also during this briefing that I was handed my heart monitor. They give you one to use for your first class but thereafter if you need to purchase one for £70 if you want to join in with the electronic side of things (tracking your heart rate, working percentage, calories burned) which also downloads to the app so you can store it and see how you improve.

More hype (and cheesy fist pumps)

After the briefing we were sent back out of the class to all re-enter with American style first pumps with the instructor. After a short warm up I started on treadmill where we instructed to do 3 mins of uphill running 😅 as fast as we could. First minute at an incline of 6, second minute at an incline of 8 and the final minute on an incline of 10.

Then it was onto the weights section for 3 minutes of strength exercises before finishing in combat  🥊which I can only describe as rolling, punching and kneeing the punchbag (I know zero boxing terms 😂)!

Whilst the cardio and combat stations stayed the same for all 3 rounds, the strength exercises were different each time. We finished with a short cool down and again another annoying American handshake where we had to shout “blaze” 🤦🏼‍♀️.

Missing the key element (at least for me)

I worked really hard during the class so felt really disheartened 😩 to discover that my monitor wasn’t working! Everyone else’s stats were showing on screen throughout the class and the instructor said that sometimes they take a while to connect so I just carried on hoping mine would show but they never did so I never found out how hard I worked (although I got on a serious sweat)!

I have since tired the class again, a second time without bothering with a monitor (it’s not compulsory to use one) and I was pleased to see that different instructors mix the stations up in different ways so the class is always different and challenging.


I hated the American style of the class but I enjoyed it overall and didn’t feel the need to use a monitor. It’s likely I’ll do the class again regularly but found the cardio element most beneficial to me!

Find out more about Blaze here!

What’s next?  We’re excited to be trying Swim-sanity – for an intense pool based workout.

Read about our all our other fitness adventures here.

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