Marathon Training Week 11 & 12

Things were slowing down to a snails pace, and I was getting worried about it.  I’m hoping that this is all part of the plan (the master marathon training plan), and that as I build up the mileage in my legs, I am going slower, to cope, and things will all go back to normal once my legs get adjusted.  Here’s how week 11 and 12 went, and how I ended on a massively unexpected 16 mile run high.

Week 11

Week 11 Plan Week 11 What Happened Notes
Tuesday 5 miles 5.51 miles (@9:40/mile) Run Commute Home
Thursday Yassos 8 x 800m REST
Friday 8x800m (6@4:04 2@4:14) On the treadmill and it felt tough
Saturday 5 miles 1.63 Warm-up & 3.10 (@9:10/mile) Park Run nice run chat with Anna
Sunday 20 miles 7 miles & then 13.1 (@9:26/mile) 20 miler broken up so I could do the Big Half

Plan miles: 38 / Actual miles: 38.7

Pretty view on the Run Commute

Thoughts: I started off this week with a low grade fever, elevated heart rate, and just feeling a bit pants, without anything actually wrong with me.  It’s hard to explain but I just wasn’t feeling right.  I knew I had to dial things back, and I took a total rest day on Thursday, no bicycle, no yoga, no Joe Wicks, just a total rest.  I was back on it on Friday and tackled the 8×800 yassos at the gym on the treadmill.  I found them incredibly tough, and no where near the pace I did them at during week 8 (so I was feeling pretty demoralised).  Saturday, I ran park run at a very chilled out pace with a friend, and then I rounded off the week with a 20 mile run.  Was I nervous? Nope. I had been offered a place at The Big Half, so I already decided to split the 20-miler up, into a pre-race 7 mile run, and then the half. It was a great way to tackle the distance, and meant my nerves about the big 2-0 were non-existent.

The Big Half Medal

Things I’ve learned this week:

  • Rest when you need to rest
  • Breaking up a big run is a good move to avoid pre-run nerves
  • Running on a treadmill is hard work
  • The windy weather will make me stronger for the coastal wind I will experience at Brighton (I hope)

Week 12

Tuesday 6 miles 6.10 miles (@9:11/mile) Run Commute
Thursday 4x1mile repeats 2 miles (@8:37/mile) Only time for 2 miles, running errands
Friday 4.02 miles (@8:32/mile) Making up miles from yesterday’s session
Saturday 6 miles 1.18 mile warm-up, 3.13 mile park run, 3.59 mile cool-down Park Run Sandwich (Park Run @ 24.28)
Sunday 16 miles 15.71 miles (@9:10/mile) Happy with the pace

Plan miles: 36 / Actual miles: 35.7

Mid-Week Run

Thoughts: I started off the week feeling snail-like, and finished off on such a high. I managed to find some speed in some of my mid-week runs, and even ran 4 consecutive miles in my 16 mile long run sub 9:00/mile pace.  The other major development from this week, is my mindset.  Can you believe I actually am not bothered by a 16 mile run (3rd time hitting that distance in my plan), where as just a few weeks ago, that was a major milestone.  I also ran a 24:28 park run, which is my fastest time in more than a year (but more than a minute outside my PB, but I’m still pretty chuffed).  Finally, I managed to keep all the running in balance with my 8 year old’s birthday plans, which included a double play date and a nerf-gun party on Saturday.

What I have learned this week: 

  • Don’t be afraid to speed up (often I shy away from it, as it is easier to go slow and not try)
  • Trust the plan, the legs will recover
  • You can juggle it all, and if you can’t, and drop some balls, it’s okay – it’s the thought that counts

What’s coming up?

Week 13 is my highest mileage week, and I’m just taking it one run at a time.  After that I’m tapering, until race day, and looking forward to it.


Any and all advice welcome!

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  1. Great week of training! I am also in week 12 of my marathon training. I too have found it crazy (for me) that running 16 or 18 miles is now “no big deal”! At the start of my plan I was getting nervous about 12 milers. It’s not my first marathon, but I’ve taken a few years off from the longer distances and it seems all new to me again. Good luck on the rest of your training!


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