Marathon Training Week 9 & 10

Thing are getting tough, I’m feeling tired, my legs, my mind – it’s all starting to catch up to me, and I’m starting to doubt myself.  Well, half of the time, I’m doubting myself, and the other half of the time, I feel like I’m doing something amazing (that so many people never thought I could do).  Anyways, here’s the round up for weeks’ 9 & 10.

Week 9

Week 9 Plan Week 9 What Happened Notes
Tuesday 6 miles 6.03 miles (@9:14/mile)
Thursday 3×1 mile repeats Sweatshop 5KM 3.36 miles (@8:25/mile) I went to intervals but it was canceled, so we did a 5km run instead.
Saturday 5 miles 9.01 miles (@9:04/mile) Park Run Sandwich with 26:03 5KM
Sunday 16 miles 16.05 miles (@9:55/mile) Done early doors to squeeze it in

Plan miles: 34 / Actual miles: 34.4

Not running, swimming with my boys

Thoughts: Everything got thrown out of whack this week when intervals was cancelled, and we did a 5KM run, which was a far cry from the mileage (and session) that my plan required, so I was on the back foot.  It was also half term, so I took off work Thursday and Friday for some time with my boys, including a trip into London and swimming.  I rested on Friday, so it meant that I had to tack on the extra miles onto Saturday’s ParkRun.  But my ParkRun miles were pretty pacey, and so was my 5KM on Thursday, so I think that essentially ticks the mile repeats tick box.  The long run felt less scary than it did two weeks ago (as now it’s not the first time doing the distance).  I listened to an audio book the whole time (and it was pretty absorbing) so the miles just ticked on by.  It’s getting a little annoying carrying my water (in fact I ran out during my long run) and the water fountains were turned off in the park (to prevent freezing pipes), so I’ve been looking at options.

Week 10

Week 10 Plan Week 10 What Happened Notes
Monday 5.09 mi (@8:49/mile) Sweatshop Monday night route
Tuesday 6 miles Rebounding Class with a friend Off plan, but fun
Thursday  Speed 12x400m 4.47 miles (@9:56/mile) Sweatshop Intervals (3 sets: 2×2.5mins, 2x60secs)
Friday 3.01 miles (@9:10/mile) Making up miles from yesterday’s Speed Session
Saturday 5 miles 6.44 miles Park Run Sandwich (Park Run @ 26:30)
Sunday 18 miles 18 miles (@10:28/mile) Long, cold, and wet
Having fun @ rebounding class w/ Hollie

Plan miles: 36 / Actual miles: 37

Thoughts: I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed this week, and a friend stopped me at the school gates and asked how the training was coming along.  And I think she knew just looking at me, it’s a bit relentless, week after week, more and more miles, we chatted for a bit, and it felt nice to know someone totally got it (and me, and what I was feeling at that exact moment). Anyways, my worry all week long was the juggernaut of an 18 miler that was required.  I noticed on Saturday that I had a low grade fever, I don’t feel particularly ill, but probably not on top form.  I might cut back on some of my cycling to and from work if I can’t get back to normal (or whatever normal is these days).  The long run got done, in the rain, but I was chuffed to bits with my decathalon running hydration/vest/pack.  It’s great to have a way to carry my water, gels, and phone and other bits and bobs.

Cowering under H’smith Bridge in the rain

Tips for the long runs: 

  1. Plan your route – I ended up a mile from home (and yes, I just walked it in, when you’re done, your done)
  2. Bring some tissue (so you don’t have to blow your nose on your sleeve)
  3. Think: it’s only x miles more than last weeks long run
  4. Practice different race day fuelling and hydration strategies
  5. Eat all the pizza and yummy treats afterwards – you’ve earned it

What’s coming up?

Week 11 is another building week, seeing me run 38 miles (second highest mileage week in the plan) and my first ever 20 miler.  Week 12 is thankfully a cut back week, I’m sure by then a 16 mile run will feel a doddle.


Any and all advice welcome!

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