Marathon Training Week 5 & 6

If last week I was excited to get deeper into my marathon training plan (a cut back week will do that do you), weeks 5 and 6, I was a bit nervous about 😬.  I mean the big runs are starting to get big, and the temperatures out side have plummeted ❄️.  Anyways, here how it all went.

Week 5

Week 5 Plan Week 5 What Happened Notes
Tuesday 5 miles Tuesday 6 miles (8:47/m) Partial Run Commute Home
Thursday 6x60s hill reps Thursday 4.6 Intervals Intervals with SweatShop Run Club
Saturday 4 miles Saturday 12.5 miles (10:26/m) Long Run with hills (696ft elevation)
Sunday 12 miles Sunday 5.05 miles (8:31/m) Surprisingly not too tough

Plan miles: 28 / Actual miles: 28.15

Find a hill, run up it

Thoughts: I’ve been feeling guilty about missing hills 🏔️ (and swapping them for intervals) so I decided to chuck them into my long run, and do 6 hill repeats about 7 miles into my long run.  This was also the run I decided to try a gel, and I had an orange SIS one 😋, and I took it at 6 miles, which was pretty good timing for my hills as I felt pretty invincible going up and down them.  I really thought my legs would be shot on Sunday, but I surprised myself with the pace after such a tough long run the day before.  A quick note, on Tuesday’s run, I thought the plan said 6, so I ran 6, but it was actually only 5 🤦‍♀️.

Things I’ve learned this week: 

  • Always check the plan and the mileage you are supposed to do

Week 6

Week 6 Plan Week 6 What Happened Notes
Tuesday 6 miles Tuesday 8.43 miles (9:22/m) Run commute home
Thursday 8 x 60s hills Thursday .78 miles (9:02/m) Just a quick run to Tesco after a HIIT workout
Saturday 4 miles Saturday 14:38 miles (9:32/m) Got my long run in a day early again
Sunday 14 miles Sunday 6 miles With 8 hill repeats

Plan miles: 32 / Actual miles: 29.59

Ice Skating

Thoughts:  I messed up on Tuesday.  I only intended to do a partial run commute and catch the train the rest of the way, but I had a frazzled day in the office, which saw me miss lunch and only have time to shovel a banana 🍌 into my gob before I set off.  And then about half way through my run, I realised I forgot my bank card in the office (and I’ve not got apple pay set up) so I had to run the whole way 🤦‍♀️.  Actually, in hindsight, this was a bit of a blessing, as the weather turned artic-like, and I opted for some at home body weight workouts 💪🏻 (I’ve been working my way through the Joe Wicks YouTube Channel) instead of runs.  The long run this week was to be my longest run ever, and I got it done (ParkRun sandwich style – where you run a ParkRun, in the middle of your long run).  I was pleased that I was able to run a 26 minute ParkRun after already having 8 miles in my legs.  At one point I got so cold , my ear buds came out, and I just couldn’t feel my fingers, hands, ears, head, face (well anything), I was shaking and feeling a bit unhappy, but I managed to pick up the pace, and that warmed me up.   So, you’ll notice my miles this week are a bit off 🤔, and I can’t understand how the 8 x60s hill reps with 2 miles warm up and 2 mile cool down, equals an 8 mile run (unless you are running 400 meters up a hill in 60 seconds… I’m not).

Things I’ve learned this week: 

  • Always check to see if you have your bank card

What else is going on?

4th Red Jan Done

Well, I am still cycling to work on the days I am in the office (which is roughly 36 miles on the bike each  week), and now that RED January is done, I’m looking forward to some actual rest days (well, as I type that I am not sure, but maybe I am, we’ll see).  Half-term (February school holiday) is coming up, and I know Ellis (my 8 year old) wants to do some runs with me, so I will have to try and work out the best way to slot those in, as well as making sure my marathon miles are quality.

What’s coming up?

Week 7 sees the mileage hold steady at 32 miles, the first speed session (10x400m), and the long run top out at 16 miles (I’m just trying not to think about it).  Week 8 is another cut back week (here again already, woo hoooo) and excitingly I have a race on that Sunday, the Hampton Court Half.  Strangely, I have no idea what pace I’ll do on the day, my paces in training are all over the place, and no where near my half marathon PB, but maybe all these long runs are doing something good in the background.  Well, fingers crossed.


Any and all advice welcome!

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