Top Tips for RED January

I’m getting excited about RED January – how about you?  I mean, when do you ever look forward to January, but now I do, thanks to RED.  The idea of being active everyday seem daunting when I embarked on the challenge for the 1st time, and now this will be my 4th year doing it.

Are you wondering what RED January even is?  Well the idea is the you are active everyday to beat the Blues away – and improve your own mental health, while at the same time raising awareness for mental health and Mind Charity.  Originally it started out as Run Every Day – but this year excitingly the challenge is inclusive to all forms of fitness activity.

Are you interested in going RED this January?  Here are my 5 top tips.

  1. Start now and incorporate regular activity and exercise into you life now.  Why wait for January – get your body ready for the challenge, and choose a regular activity to commit to.  maybe its walking the kids to school everyday and not hoping in the car, or not missing a park run.  Whatever it is for you, practice the exercise and practice the commitment.
  2. Get buy-in for your family and friends.  Having a support group, that understands what you are doing, why you are doing, and will help to encourage you to in invaluable on those dark (cold and wet) January days.
  3. You might have heard the challenge, and have a plan on how you can complete it, for example: 4 runs, 2 bike rides, and 1 swim and job done, but what happens if your knee is sore and you can’t run.  In order to not let a set-back like this demotivated you and derail your challenge, make sure you have plenty of alternative activities that you can complete instead.
  4. The first year I did RED January, I did it on my own.  It was tough, but I felt a real sense of grit and achievement at having completed it.  But the last two years I’ve roped in friends (runners and non-runners alike) and our little support group is an amazing resource.  I highly recommend getting your bestie in on the challenge to help motivate each other.
  5. The RED community online is amazing (especially on Instagram) and by tagging your posts #redjanuary #redface #beatheblues  you will meet a host of amazing REDers from around the country all pull together for this amazing movement.

Okay, so those are my top 5 red tips.  Are you ready to go RED this January with me?


  1. Great tips! I’m getting ready for the RED January challenge too, I can’t wait to start! I also feel that the Instagram running community is great, there are so many inspiring people there and they’re full of tons of great advice too.


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