Will this be the half?

The time has flown, and the plan that I roughly wrote for myself, has roughly been followed.  The RunThrough Wimbledon half marathon is this Sunday.  I have not had a race go ‘well’ yet in 2018 (all two of them) – but I’d really like to go sub 1:50 this time at my 4th ever half marathon.

I hate to put this hope out there – but it’s in my little head, so maybe it’s better said out loud, and like they say: saying is believing (is that what they say?)… anyways.

So, with the race in just over 24 hours, what have I been doing, and what do I plan to do to prepare.

I managed a nice taper

I finished up my long run distance escalation 2 weeks ago (a hilly 20KM) and that means that this past week, I’ve been running, but shorter distances.  I’ve still done a few fast ones – like last Sundays 10KM, but it’s been less total mileage (not necessarily frequency).

I’m well rested

I’ve not been to bed late (not stuck in a scroll hole on Instagram) and gone to bed and read the latest issue of Runners World (falling asleep swiftly).  I’ve also not been up at the crack of dawn, and allowed myself that extra hour in bed

Eating carbs guilt free

Pizza – yes please!

But this isn’t really true, I always enjoy carbs guilt free – they are just lush.  So, I don’t really prescribe to carb loading, as my life is carb loaded.  But I am thinking about what I will eat tomorrow night (race eve) and it will defo be pasta based.

Mapping it all out

I’ve had a good look at the race course and read the description.  There was no elevation map, but the description said to anticipate a hill at the start of each lap.  Also, now I know it’s a looped course, with a few wiggly turns.  Less surprises on race day the better.

Getting there

I’m planning how to get to the race start (I usually am trying to do this the night before, in a panic), and I have 2 options a bus, or a friend is racing with me as well, and she said she can drive.  I know where the car park is, the bus stop, everything!

I’m running ParkRun

ParkRun with the Boys

Yes, I’m running the day before race day, but it’s going to be a chilled-out Park Run with my 7 year old and 3 year old in the buggy, so a great way to shake out the legs, but not stress out my body.

I told my PT to go easy on me

I say ‘my PT’ and am using the term loosely (I go to an awesome group PT class on Wednesdays) and I made sure to tell him that I had a race this Sunday.  We did arms, so my legs are still feeling nice and fresh (I can’t put my hair up in a ponytail, but as long as the legs are fresh it’s all good in the hood).

Hydrating like no one’s business

We’re having this heat wave, and it’s going to be hot on Sunday too, so I’ve been preparing by drinking lots of water all week long.  I’ve got a lovely new water bottle (a bit love island-esque), and it makes sipping so much easier.

Staying positive

I’ve got these hills in my legs

I had a negative mind-set during my half marathon in March, and I’m determined to start this race how I feel (not at the pace that I want) and run as I know I can.  I’m going to trust in the miles and the hills that I have put in, and push in the second half (if feel I can).  If I can’t do it, it’s okay, there will be another race, and I’ll crush that goal another day.

Okay, over and out – see you on the other side.  Wish me luck.

Please share any race prep tips with me, I’d love to hear them!



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