Run Chat

I never ever ran with anyone.  I breath a bit funny when I run, and the idea of talking while I ran, just insane 😜.  I remember those long (I use the term long very loosely) warm-up runs, I’d make sure to move away from the chatty pack and run on my own, lest someone here me breath, or gasp…struggle.

Then for years I just plugged in my ear phones and ran, content in my own little world.  Running was mine and for me, headspace and all that.  And then one day I started to go to SweatShop Running Club, and my neighbour Jennie came with me.  And guess what – we chatted the whole way.

Well, to be more accurate, she talked, and I gasped and choked my replies to her casual conversation.  Then towards the end of our run, she edged up the pace to 5:00/km, very much out of my comfort zone, and the conversation dried up.  I couldn’t even manage a reply if I wanted to.  And then there was this uncomfortable moment, where there was no chat – and guess what, it wasn’t even that awkward 🤷‍♀️.

At the end of the run, I was just happy to have kept up, and pushed through a pace boundary that I didn’t think I could.

Fast forward to today, and I love a good ole natter while I run.  I could talk the hind legs off a donkey, and here’s why you should also give running with others a go:

  1. If you run with someone faster, you will get faster too
  2. You don’t have to talk the whole time, silence is not awkward, it is okay
  3. You don’t breathe funny, I promise
  4. Long runs at a slow pace are much more fun with a buddy, the miles will just tick on by
  5. There is a conversation running etiquette – see below – so don’t worry about not being able to reply

Run Chat Running Etiquette – if you are running with someone who is struggling a little bit at that pace, then it is your job to fill the conversational gaps, and not ask open ended questions that require long answers from someone who is gasping!

Run Chat Tales:

“I love running with my neighbour, it really helps me get out the door and is that added motivation to go for the run, a chance to have a chat with an adult and no little children hanging off me”

“My friend dragged me out for a run last Sunday, and although I wasn’t 100% feeling it, once we got going and started chatting, the kms ticked on by and before we knew it, we’d ran 10km, the longest I’d run in a while, and I barely noticed”

“I’m not afraid to tell someone to go on ahead, sometimes a little run chat for the 1st few kms of a run is great, and then the other person wants to push on, and I’m happy to encourage them, I’d never want to hold anyone back”

“I ran park run with my neighbour and I was a bit nervous as I’d not done it in a while, but I kept pace with her and I managed 26 minutes, which was close to my PB anyways – I was super chuffed”

“I had 16km in my half marathon plan and it had to be on that Sunday, and it was a rainy horrible day, I met up with my friend and we did it together, laughing about how wet and cold we were.  It felt great to not be alone”

Do you run with others?  Is running your solo time or do you love a natter?  Do you wish you could run with others, but don’t think you can?  Please share your experience.

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