Do I care about speed?

I’m not as fast as I used to be, and that’s okay… mostly.  Could I get back to those fast PBs? Yes, I surely hope so.  I know I’ll only get back there if I put in the work.  What that magic formula is, speed work, adding to the distance, hill runs, I’m not 100% sure, but I’m trying… mostly.

But sometimes, I’m not trying. And that because sometimes I don’t care about speed.  When I’m not trying to run fast and improve my speed, I’m running for:

My 7 year old (superstar)

Runner Boy

One day, he will be faster than me, I know it.  I don’t know when that will be.  But for every run that I’m pushing him on, encouraging him, telling him funny stories, talking through cramps and stitches, I know in the future there will be many runs when he’s doing the same for me.  So in 5 years when he’s running sub 20 minute park runs, how awesome would it be if I could do it with him.  Hey, I can dream 🙂

A good ole chat

Sometimes I go to run club on Monday night, and I’m ready with my ear phones, to blast it out, and fight to be front of the pack.  And other times, I rock up and I get a nice surprise and Claire or Anna walks in, and we get to have a nice chat while we run.  Not worried about pace, only about a nice half hour chinwag with no husband, children, no distractions, just one foot in front of the other, and no care about pace.  Did it take us 36 minutes to run 5K, yep you bet, but did we have a chance to talk in detail about the latest episode of Versace, well yes, that, and in that moment I know what’s more important.

To clear out the cobwebs

My thoughts often feel like a hamster on caffeine running around and around a wheel — work, family, husband, finances, there are no shortage of things to worry about.  Fresh air, gives a magically fresh perspective.  Running creates a bounce inside my head, and I imagine my pesky thoughts being shaken up, bumbled about like the letters in a boggle box, and then organised into a more sensical pattern.  Do I care how fast I am running, nope, do I care about my mind, you betcha.  Headspace is important than pace!

Something beautiful

Stop and admire

I’m out on a run, and wow – bam, I see something so pretty – the baby deer, the way the light catches the puddle, the pinky sky, the clouds that look like cotton wool – that I have to stop, and admire.  And how nice is that.  A chance to enjoy and be in the world, in a way that you wouldn’t be, if you weren’t running.  Running and seeing this beauty, is such a pleasure.  And I think, hey I’ve got to stop, and take this in, in this moment, and be here.  Sometimes I take a picture to share, and other times, its just for me.  Do I care about pace, no, its positively the last thing on my mind.

So there, that’s me, not always running for speed, running other reasons.  And you, what reasons do you run for?  Do you struggle to get away from the shackles of pace?

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