I run for…

…me time.  Queue hashtag #runningmummy #runningkeepsmesane cheesy I know.  Well a lot of the time that is true.  Running really does help me, be a better me (look there is another hashtag #bestme) argh…  anyways.

Sometimes I run for another reason… to compensate.

Let me tell you about the last day of term class picnic.  Lovely idea, right… well, I knew it would be a bit tricky.  The park that was chosen has an entirely open side that backs onto a busy road, and had a few toddler concealing trees.  While my 6 year old was relatively self sufficient speeding into our blanket to stuff his gob with sausage rolls, and zoom on out again to play with his mates, my 2 year old is another story, a crazy, I will listen to no one story.

I spent the majority of the time bounding across the park to catch him from running into the road (while 90% off the time he was hiding behind that blasted tree).  It was not relaxing.  I was mainly planning my exit route, trying to minimise tears with the appropriate level of bribes to end this hell… I mean picnic.   While chasing my toddler and planning my exit I was also inadvertently mainlining a tub of Mini Chocolate Cornflake Bites – a whole freakin tub.

Okay, so when we left (tears and bribes executed with skill) there were still two little mini bites left, which I futily offered to the kids and when they rejected them, I proceeded to finish the job I started.

The whole way home I was, of course paying attention to my lovely kids nattering on about something… okay, not really paying attention then. So I was really trying to rationalise that there probably wasn’t that many calories in them, it was mainly cereal with a light coating of chocolate.

Oh my blooming hell – almost 900 bleeding calories.   You have to be bloody kidding me.  FML, MFP (myfitnesspal) you are a blessing and also a curse.

That evening, feeling depressed from the chocolate, and frazzled from the picnic, my husband walked in the door, and I carefully made my subtle mention about going for a run.

“Not a long one” he asks.

“No, less than 10km, more than 5km” I replied, thinking this was acceptable.

Okay, so I ran 8.8 that night – about 50 minutes of running, about 500 calories burned off.

So, yes I run for me time. #runningforme #loverunning  But that night I also ran to compensate #runforchocolate

And it really got me thinking.  Why couldn’t I just leave it?  One absent minded binge wasn’t going to erase the 2 stone I have lost.  I wasn’t going to wake up tomorrow and suddenly weigh more.  Why couldn’t I just say “who cares…” and wipe the slate clean for the next day.  I couldn’t.  I had to compensate for ‘bad’ behaviour and try to ‘erase’ some of the damage.

And I can confess this isn’t a lone incident.  But I suspect lots of people do this.  Isn’t this what exercise is, you put stuff in your body and then you move and burn off what you put in.  In my case it was something ‘bad’ (but oh so good), but in essence it was just fuel (a little bit in excess of what I need) that I ran off.

Do you run to compensate too?

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