A week without…

Chocolate and diet coke are the two brown things are the things that I cannot live without.  I have tried. I went 6 days without either.  It wasn’t that bad.  I put my head down and did it.  Every day that passed I felt prouder, a sense that I was doing it, breaking the cycle.

What happened on that 6th day.  Well first I had only planned to go from Monday-Friday deeming the child-filled weekends too tough to handle this type of challenge.  So the fact that I passed through Saturday and until about 14:00 on Sunday, well lets just say that I was pretty pleased with myself.

So pleased, that managed to convince myself that I even deserved it.  The mind is a funny thing. I can pretty much talk myself in and out of anything depending on my mood.  There are a million ways to justify a decision.

That KitKat, it was a little bit melty from the day’s heat, and it was lovely.  My 2-year old passed out in the pram from a hectic playground sesh, we ambled along, pushing the pram.  My 6 year old and I split the 4 finger KitKat and each ate two.  Quietly, savouring each mouthful or melty chocolatey wafer filled sweetness.  Then I washed it down with the fizziest and most refreshing diet coke that I can ever remember having.  Fizzier, colder, sweeter than I remembered.  Almost too fizzy.

What did I learn after almost a week without my two stalwarts?  That they are amazing.

Hmmmm. Maybe I should try to abstain longer next time.

Was there any positive outcome?  Yes, while before I had my limits, no more than one a day of each; now I have my days without.  For example today, I’ve not had a chocolate bar.  It could be because there is none in the house, but I also didn’t go out of my way to buy one (and I could have).  So I consider that a result.

Have you ever tried to quit something or break a habit, please share, I’d love to hear.


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