My influencers

We all take inspiration from different people.  Who I find motivational, might give you a big eye roll, and someone who really gets you amped up, might not be my cup of tea.  But who knows, maybe this page will help you discover some new running influencers that will help you.

This Vet Runs

She describes herself as a vet, amateur runner, marathon seeker, and guide dogs fundraiser.  I love reading her posts as she has a canny knack for writing about something that’s playing on my mind.  I’m in admiration of her ambition, love of animals, and total normal-ness that mesh together so beautifully.

» Check out This Vet Runs blog here.

The Runner Beans

Charlie is such an inspiration with her amazing running trips, races, and BQ quest.  I love following along, especially on instagram here you get a real dose of well, realness – which is refreshing.  Struggling with pace, comparisons, weight, squeezing running into a busy life, but showing everyone that it can be done.

» Check out The Runner Beans blog here.