I’m a magazine lover and enjoying reading running publications such as Runners World, Women’s Running, and Trail Running Magazine.  I save most of my magazines and often go back and read through them again.  Here are some of the articles that I have read recently which I found interesting.

Running in the Heat

28th August 2018 – Published Online
Did you struggle this summer?  If you are heading to warmer climates and plan to get some running in, check out this great guide on Runners world Magazine with 5 tips on how to stay safe in high heat.  I’m a particular fan of the tip to head to the trails.  When I run in Bushy Park, there is a path that has ferns (double my height) growing on either side, I can literally feel the coolness radiating from them, it is such a nice relief.  Do you have any summer running tips?

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What’s Plogging?

16th August 2018 – Published Online
I heard about Plogging on social media, and although I think the name is ridiculous (but maybe that is on purpose so people actually remember it), it is a great idea.  Cleaning up our planet, running, and a core workout all in one.  Amazing.  Top Tip in the short article in Women’s Running is to take protective gloves with you.  Have you been plogging yet?

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The long and short of it

5th September 2018
With such a hot summer behind us, you might be relieved to embrace your capri running tights and avoid all mention of running shorts. But I have embraced them with a mild fear that my 37 year old mum-bum might droop out of the bottom of these shorts. To counter the fear I just try to run fast past anyone that might know me and snigger. Instead you could just take advice from the Independents review of 6 of the best running shorts.

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