Review: Barre

With our intro offer at Psycle, we had a few more classes to use up after our awesome experience at Ride 45 (which you can read about here).  I’ve always wanted to try Barre, and I was super excited that they had it at Psycle, so we had to do it.  I was afraid it was going to fail, as I thought it was for uber flexible ballet types, and that is 100% not me.  How wrong was I.

What Psycle says about their Barre Classes: Our barre workout targets and strengthens the muscles in your legs, bum, arms and abs for a serious, results-based workout. Our method has been designed to sculpt your body, boost your metabolism, and challenge your mind. A modern innovation of traditional barre, we flow through a series of challenging combinations to give you an effective workout that leaves you feeling leaner, longer and stronger – without losing the focus on posture and alignment.

Where’s my oil can?

So while, my posture is terrible, my flexibility is that of the Tin Man in wizard of Oz (like many other runners, I’m told), the idea of lengthening and strengthening sounded perfect.


Again, the experience at Psycle (we were at the Central London Mortimer Street branch) was lovely, bright and friendly.  We were ushered up the stairs to a separate check in for Barre, Strength, and Yoga classes.  Everyone was super friendly, and I still can’t get over how lovely and bright it is in Psycle.  I mean I’m a 38 year old mum of two, I’m hardly the trendy 20 something that they might be targeting, but it doesn’t matter, I instantly feel at ease and comfortable.

We found our lockers (again easy to use) and padded upstairs barefoot to wait outside the studio for the class to start.

The class

Kate, you literally want her to be your best friend!

Our instructor was this super lovely Kate, tall strong (not skinny), and very welcoming American.  We told her we were new right away 🙋‍♀️ and she showed us what to get, how to set ourselves up (i.e. where to put all the balls, bands, and other props so that we could easily access them all) and where to grab a space so that we could always see her 👀.  The studio is mirrors on all sides, a barre around all sides.

The other class members were all females, and a variety of ages, sizes, and abilities.  The warm-up reminded me a bit of the Jaime Lee Curtis and John Travolta video you might have seen 😂.  We did lots of pelvic tilting, small movements, onto your toes and down, holding, spreading your legs… In case you’ve not seen the video, I’ve put it in here for your viewing pleasure.  Now our warm-up was not like this, but it certainly reminded me of this.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed that, and now back to the review.

After the warm-up, we continued through the class, expertly-led.  I never felt like I didn’t know what to do, and yes it did help having mirrors everywhere, not only was I able to easily check my own form, but also it was super easy to see the instructor and all the other people in the class and check against them.  And the instructor, Kate, was great to provide different levels of each exercise, so if you couldn’t do something, there was a modification for an easier option.

And despite all my worries about needing to be flexible, the workout was very accessible.  At the end of each group of exercises, I was a quivering mass of jelly.  But I feel proud that I was able to do everything and never felt like quitting.  The motivational talk was there, but in a very un-cheesy way, and I think it did contribute to the effort I put in, and I guess to the result that I got out.

Shiny, Happy, Faces, after Barre 55

We did an active cool down, and were on our way. I knew I’d ache the next day, and I did, but not in a debilitating, can’t walk down the stairs kinda way.  I’ll definitely do Barre again, I thought it was ace.  For a cardio loving runner like me, this was actually right up my street and a great change of pace.  The promise of getting stronger, longer, and leaner was one I fully believed I could achieve!

Would I do it again?  100% yes, I’m a cardio junkie, but I loved this for a change of pace!

Would you like to try it?  Check out Psycle here.

What’s next?  Something totally different, PaddleBoarding in Little Venice

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