Marathon Training Week 3 & 4

I was excited about getting further into my Brighton Marathon training plan, weeks 3 & 4 bring me up to 20% of my total planned mileage for the completed plan 🙌.  So, here is now it all went.

Week 3

Week 3 Plan Week 3 What Happened Notes
Tuesday 4 miles Tuesday 5 miles (8:58/m) Tired after 18 miles commuting on the bike
Thursday 5 miles hills Wednesday 4 miles Interval session as a part of Barry’s Bootcamp
Friday 1.2 miles Small effort for Red January
Saturday 4 miles Saturday 6.9 miles (Parkrun pace 8:50/m) Park Run Sandwich
Sunday 12 miles Sunday 12.2 miles (9:35/m) Felt tough

Plan miles: 25 / Actual miles: 29.3

Sundays Long Run

Thoughts: I missed the hills session this week and replaced it with the treadmill intervals at Barry’s Bootcamp, which pushed me faster than I thought I could go.  I literally felt like I was going to vom 🤢 at one point.  Of course at the end of the class I felt invincible 💪.  Fast forward to the Long Run, and I wasn’t able to get it in until the afternoon on Sunday, so I was feeling pretty stressy about getting it done – queue bad mood mummy 😠.  I headed out for the run, and planned to do 2 laps of Bushy Park, with the idea that I would swing past the water fountain twice.  Except the water fountain was not working 💦 – so I had no water, which didn’t help.  Things kept going wrong – next the ball of my left foot started to go numb.  Uncomfortable, and then verging on painful.  I had to stop at one point and get my foot out and give it a massage, much to the amusement of passerbys.

Things I’ve learned this week:

  • Try to get your long run in earlier and not leave it until Sunday afternoon
  • Loosened my shoe laces to help the foot numb situation

Week 4

Week 4 Plan Week 4 What Happened Notes
Tuesday 6 miles Monday 5 miles (8:32/m) With sweatshop run group
Wednesday 4 miles This is Saturday’s Run
Thursday 4 x 60s hills Thursday 4.3 Intervals 2nd Sweatshop run of the week, intervals
Friday 8.2 miles (9:03/m) This is Sunday’s Run
Saturday 4 miles Rest Done Wednesday
Sunday 8 miles Rest Done Friday

Plan miles: 23 / Actual miles: 21.6

Interval Session

Thoughts: I had to shuffle things around this week as we were away on the weekend, and I didn’t want run’s hanging over my head, making me feel anxious that I was falling off the plan.  Again, I missed my hill session and replaced with intervals ⏰(see left) with SweatShop Run Group, hope that is okay and is comparable.  I wanted to get my Long Run in before we left, and I headed out on Friday night, and it was tough to find roads to run on that were well lit, safe, not too far from home, and totalled up 8 miles.  I managed it, see my strava map of loop the loop.

Getting dizzy doing loops

What else is going on?

Well, I am cycling to work on the days I am in the office (it’s 9 miles each way, and 36 miles each week), so somedays this sees me getting a bit tired 😴, so I am just trying to keep an eye on it and make sure that I am not wearing myself down.  Also, as we are also doing RED January, where you are active everyday, so I am slotting in Yoga, and at home body weight workouts, to keep the commitment to the challenge up!

What’s coming up?

Week 5 & 6 see’s my weekly mileage climb to 32 miles, which I think will be my highest weekly mileage ever, and my long run at the end of week 6 is 14 miles, which will also be the longest run that I have ever done.  I’ve also started to think about accommodation for the Marathon, when we will travel down, checking out where the event village is and where the start is.  Annoyingly the course map is not live yet, so I had a look at last year’s, but I would really like to see the 2019 course map.


Any and all advice welcome!


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